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Both my husband and myself want to say thank Jim Panthaki for making the loan process go smoothly and quickly.
When I received a phone call from your company I was a bit hesitant to use your company to refinance our loan at a lower rate. I had never heard about your company however, Jim explained thoroughly about how long your company has been in business and answered a lot of questions and concerns that I had. He also gave me the information for your website so that I could view and see other client’s comments. I took it upon myself to research through the Better Business Bureau and found that you had an excellent rating.
Jim was very professional and friendly. He always returned my phones calls quickly and would guide me along the process. We enjoyed doing business with you and would definitely recommend your company to others. –Robert and Karen R.

Let me preface my review of Lend Plus by saying that my wife and I spent almost a year working with two other finance companies who were among the best at what they do. They didn’t even come close to the level of world class service and performance provided by Joseph Latorre and his team at Tri-Emerald. We closed on an amazing home that we absolutely love thanks to Joe. He is without exception, the best! Throughout our escrow he was pro-active in giving us updates, remembered details with accuracy and always gave our transaction top priority. Joe secured the best interest rate available to us and didn’t waste our time with any nonsense as other loan officers had in the past. I cannot recommend Joe and his team at Tri-Emerald enough. After being put through the ringer by two previous companies that dropped the ball, we were fed up with the process of trying to buy a house. When we met Joe, everything started to happen for us. People make all the difference in the world when buying a home. Some loan officers will try to tell you that they all provide the same products and follow the same regulations. That is utter bologna. All loan officers are not created equal… some are dishonest and sloppy in their work. Some are honest but aren’t that sharp and end up having a negative impact on the most important purchase of your life. Joe Latorre is a superstar in the finance industry. I would gladly speak with anyone wanting a reference about our great experience with Joe and Tri-Emerald. After we moved in to our ranch house, Joe and his lovely fiancee drove two hours and brought us a lovely Italian dinner to celebrate our new home! Who does that?? My wife and I, along with our 4 and 1 year old boys are enjoying our new home thanks to Joe Latorre and Tri-Emerald. Thank you Joe!  –The Swan Family

I just recently completed my refinance with Lend Plus. Elaine Scott was very professional and great through out the process. She made herself available whenever I had questions or needed help. The rates she locked in for me was amazing and I am trully happy with the service i received. I recommend for anyone to ask specifically and you will not regret it. Thanks Elaine and everyone in Lend Plus. – Roland V.

Thank you for making this the easiest and most straight forward process I’ve ever experienced! Will definitely pass your name around. I did give a neighbor your contact information this morning, and will give you names and numbers of potential future clients. Thank you so much for everything, Jordan. I am a client for life! – K. Soller

For our first home purchasing experience, my girlfriend and I were fortunate enough to work with Joseph Latorre. Joe, as we called him, was an integral part of our home buying process and removed many of the stressors associated with financing a first-time home purchase. He was available via e-mail, text, or phone call at at just about any hour of the day. Joe is exceptional in the realms of professionalism, customer service and approachability. He responded near-instant on every occasion and clearly and concisely answered any questions we had. Joe also kept us constantly apprised of any new information regarding our purchase process. At no point did it feel as though we were being “dealt with”. We were working with other lenders to shop around for rates and with them it felt as though we were something of a nuisance for wanting to educate ourselves on the process and understand our rights and responsibilities. Joe and LendPlus Group took a vested interest in ensuring we were comfortable and informed with the process. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I would give 6/5 stars if it were an option. – David G.

We just did a refi on our home. Azin was very professional , Friendly , and very helpful . She took time to explain everything so I could understand it . Everything went as planned without any problems I think she deserves a big atta girl !!!! Lol if in the future we need other refis or purchases. I know who to call thank you very much
Danny C.

I am so thankful I found Paul Neuland, at LendPlus Financial. I was already in escrow on my new home when I decided that I was super unhappy with another company. My colleague recommended I contact Paul and I could not be more thankful. Paul was so responsive and kept me informed of the entire process each step of the way. The loan rates were very competitive with other places. I would highly recommend Paul Neuland to all my friends and family!

I had the best experience with LendPlus. Everyone was so professional and courteous. Joe Latorre was the one who helped me out with my home refi and he could not have been more helpful and honest. I met Joe through my brother after hearing the awesome job he did for him and it was the best decision I ever made. I would definitely recommend him and LendPlus to friends and family in the future.
Julio R.

Amazing job, Jim, thank you! We were glad to working with you for purchasing our first home. He walked us through every single step and kept us informed throughout process! We cannot find the words to describe the service Jim provided! He knows what he is doing; he has an exceptional experience that differentiates him from others, I truly believe! In addition, Jim made himself available and very prompt to respond any questions, concerns or issue we had. He is friendly, trustworthy and very professional! Again we were glad having him, without his help and guidance it would be very difficult our dream comes true! Thank you Jim again! – Mustafa S.

Carrie MANDEL & Brian HARTLEY – “The Bomb”! We purchased a vacation home with Tarl Wood from RAHILL Realty. We were informed our escrow process would be handled by Carrie Mandel with LendPlus Financial Group, Inc. To include, she was very thorough and highly recommended. With Carrie’s assistance, we would close escrow within 18 days! This, we, (I) could not fathom. Carrie told us, Brian Hartley would be assisting in the process. The communication between all parties involved kept us well informed throughout the escrow process. The exchange of information, the required documents and the reason for every move was well explained. From the gathering of documents, to the pre-approval, the signing of the loan documents, the funding and KEYS IN HAND was in fact 18 days! It was always for OUR best interest, Carrie and Brian were outstanding, we were well informed! Carrie was available practically 24/7. We were prepared and there were NO issues in the process. We were provided the various options for our loan and every detail was explained to the fullest. The integrity, the dedication, the honesty and professionalism displayed by Carrie and Brian is to be commended. I would recommend this financial group to all who are serious about their escrow process! Thank you so much for your dedication! The MARTINEZ family! – Louie M.

We moved in 10 days ago and we could not be happier
We found our current house very close to the time we had to move out of our rental house at the end of May. We had a foreclosure on our record (albeit 4 years prior, but still a foreclosure) and we had been told we’d most likely have to go FHA, which would include PMI to the tune of $500 a month. Carrie was recommended to us by a realtor friend, Will Rahill so we contacted her as we trust Will’s advice.. Within days, she had us pre-approved for a CONVENTIONAL loan at less than 4%, and within 3 weeks (she guarantees 21 days on your loan, and she delivers!), our loan was closed and we were moving into the house that we had dreamed of for years. I could just say that Carrie was fast, professional, and efficient, but I also have to mention that she is the kind of person that I would be friends with because of her personality. The whole process for me was extremely stressful because that’s the kind of person I am–a worrier. Carrie kept in touch with me daily by email, text, and phone calls, and would calm me down with three simple words: “I got this.” And she did–she took care of everything, and really made this whole process a dream. Thank you, Carrie, for changing our life. We moved in 10 days ago and we could not be happier in our new home, thanks to you! Much love, forever!– Jill Z.

I have never had a more responsive loan representative.
As most people know, the loan process of any home purchase or refinance can be long and frustrating. I was referred to Carrie Mandel by my real estate agent, Jonathan Vasquez. I have never had a more responsive loan representative. Emails and phone calls were returned unbelievably fast. She was always nice and sounded as though she really enjoys her job. We closed in less than 21 days thanks to her. I give her my highest recommendation. – Gary Z.

I am writing to thank all of you for such a superb job with my loan in Valencia. I specially would like to thank my loan officer George Nguyen since he did a superb job in starting and finishing my loan on a very professional manner. He was there every time I needed help and he facilitated the process. He helped me through the stressful periods when I was traveling and he informed me of all the steps towards finalizing the loan. He was available on phone even after hours, and he would return my calls immediately. He was quick in finding out what needed to be done before I would even get the notice. All and all I had a very pleasant experience, and that is why I started the refinancing with my other two properties in Dryden, Glendale and Windshore, Oxnard with LendPlus. Knowing how efficiently the team works in LendPlus I am sure the process for my other two loans will go as smoothly as it did for my first refinance. Keep up the good work and I believe you will have many more refinances that will be given to you, as I am referring many of my friends and family.
Dr. Anahid J.

I wanted to let you know about my initial experience with Mr. Sheriff Iskander. First of all, he is one of the most informative and pleasant people I have ever worked with to finance my home. He is truly an asset to your company and any possible clients you may have. He has worked with me for about three weeks now and I cannot express enough the pleasure it has been with a person that works for his clients. He is an awesome young man. He is personable, sincere, explains himself until the client is informed and tries very hard to accomplish what it is we are looking to do to find the right loan for our goals. Please keep an eye out for this individual as he will definitely provide top quality assistance for your clients. I will be in contact again to let you know how the entire process goes.Thank you! –Mary & Michael S.

This past weekend as my son swam in the pool, my daughter crawled around the family room, my wife picked out colors for wall paint and I lugged boxes through the front door I took a pause and couldn’t help but smile. “THIS IS the American Dream”, I thought to myself. As I replayed the events that got us to that specific moment, one person came instantly to mind, Scott Christian. The main reason my family and I were blessed to be enjoying this wonderful evening was due in large part to Mr. Christians diligence and hard work. From the very first moment I spoke to him over the phone, I trusted him (and I must note that I don’t give my trust easily). He was clear, direct, professional, NOT PUSHY and most importantly he listened to me ramble on and on about my “Old-fashioned” belief of handling business in person and with “No-bull” communication. Living in Glendora at the time, my wife and I decided to drive to Lake Forrest to meet Scott in person (I should also mention that he first offered to meet us in Glendora). What was to be a meeting of “Just seeing what we can do, to be ready to buy next year”, became a “Let’s start looking next week.”
His service was very professional and he was a real pleasure to speak to, which made it easy and enjoyable to move things forward towards a purchase. I never felt like I was being “sold” a dream, but rather, “supported and guided” in making our dream a reality. His work ethic and business acumen remained consistent all the way through closing. He even called to congratulate us and asked if there was anything else he could help with. He made himself available beyond typical “office hours”, he even jumped on a Skype call at 9:00pm just to appease my desire to have something explained. Not very many people are willing to go the extra mile for their clients these days. My family and I are very grateful to Scott for his sincerity, support and assistance with the purchase of our first home.
So today, with sore feet and aching shoulders, I want to thank Scott Christian for being a man of his word as well as the team at LendPlus Financial for helping make our dream come true. – Ricardo M.

“WOW”!!! Seldom means as much as it does as to me now that I have a stable and manageable loan for my house. Five years ago, as a result a regrettable divorce, I bought my ex-wife out of my house and the only loan I could secure was an “interest only,” to end in March of 2012. Shortly after I bought the house from her, property values began their horrendous drop. Over those years, I tried many times to re-finance for better terms, but was met with disinterest primarily because of the loan-to-value ratio. I thought that to keep my home, I would have to accept a loan with very difficult terms. As time went on, I became more cynical.
Recently, I responded to an internet ad for home loans, expecting more of the same. Mr. Deutsch contacted me and I was quickly impressed with his resolve. Others called me as a result of that ad, but I believed Mr. Deutsch could probably do as well as anyone else (still somewhat cynical). Once Mr. Deutsch began to work on my loan, the remnant of my cynicism left and I was very impressed with his unique combination of candor and encouragement, as well as his use of resources. His determination was evident by his frequent calls to keep me apprised of his progress. He was readily available whenever I called him. He guided me through each step of the process, teaching me things I never knew. He is clearly very professional, but also very personable, which is immeasurably important to a man needing to keep his home, trusting someone previously unknown to accomplish a very difficult and necessary task. He secured a loan for me with terms I never thought possible.
I write this as I sit in my home, realizing the relief of deep tensions, concerns that I’ve had for six years since the ex-wife left. I cannot articulate that relief.
I would encourage family, friends, anyone seeking a home loan to contact Mr. Deutsch. – Ron K.

Just a short note to let you know what a great job Bobby Isaac did for Juan and Nadia on their recent home purchase. In my experience I have to constantly worry about others staying on top of their jobs. That was not the case with Bobby. His prompt communication and attention to detail throughout the escrow process was very impressive. He did a fantastic job of putting us at ease and projected a confidence that the job was going to get done! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bobby Isaac and LendPlus in the future. Thanks again Bobby. – Tracey L.

We re-financed recently with Jordan Sweatt who was very attentive in our process. He sat down with us on a Saturday introduced himself and the company. Fully explained what was needed and why along the way and would keep us informed on a daily basis. We had such great service and would recommend LendPlus to family and friends. – Susan P.

I had the pleasure of working with Bob Krowel when purchasing my home earlier this year. Bob was extremely professional, and went out of his way to ensure my loan not only closed on time, but early! Bob went above and beyond the standard of service to make sure the paperwork that needed signing and any other forms were brought to me to keep the ball rolling. He was always very reassuring and answered any and all of my questions. I have now been in my home for 2 months and cannot thank him and his team enough for their hard work. I would highly recommend Bob any of my friends or colleagues looking to purchase a home. – Eric H.

Congratulations should be given to Mrs. Carrie Mandel for the true excellence she consistently has shown.
The purpose of this letter is to formally and publicly commend Carrie Mandel for the excellent service that Carrie provides. Carries goes above and beyond my expectations every time I work with her. I am beyond impressed with Carries work ethics. The support and service she gives has virtually diapered in our era. Mrs. Mandel Gives exceptional service throughout the whole transaction. Anyone, should be so lucky to be a part of her team.
What I have found to be so impressive is that before I receive my files, Mrs. Mandel has already contacted me to introduce herself and to let me know that she is there with any questions I may have. Mrs. Mandel provides everything upfront so that every transaction goes smoothly. From Start to Finish Carrie is on the file, it is always a successful opening and closing, she gives updates( and not just twice during the whole file but always). When there is a condition that comes up, Mrs. Mandel handles it with ease. I am very appreciative of a person who is this connected and committed, communication is key in making sure a deal does not go south. The commitment that Mrs. Mandel gives to each one of the files I have completed with her is unparallel to anyone else I have ever dealt with. Our files close on time and with ease when I deal with Mrs. Carrie Mandel.
In closing, Congratulations should be given to Mrs. Carrie Mandel for the true excellence she consistently has shown. Mrs. Mandel should be rewarded for a Job well done and for always going beyond all expectations in the name of LendPlus Financial Group, Inc. Carrie does your company Justice. – Ann M.

Dear Ameer Shmara, I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into our refinance. I talked to a few other finance companies and none of them felt they would be able to process the loan. After they ran the “numbers” I got an apology that there was nothing they could do. I really appreciate how quickly the refinance process was. It probably could have been quicker but I was holding up the process due to my injury. Once again, thank you and your company for superior service. We got a very good rate and the costs were reasonable. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and co-workers who are looking to finance or refinance their mortgages. – Laura C.

I’m writing this letter to commend one of your hardest working agent who assisted us on getting our refinancing materialized, named Peter Carlin. It has been long process on getting our refinancing in which originally started way back in October 2011. Whom other agent was helping us then, who took so much time and requirements from us. Until we were so fed up with it. We decided not to continue on this refinancing and wait it out.
Few weeks later, we received a call from Peter Carlin who intoduced himself as specialist on refinancing that somehow did not went through before it was taken completely off your system. He wanted to see if he can reopen the file and try his magic to get this refinancing close for once. So my wife and I agreed to give LendPlus another chance maybe under Peter it will materialized.To start Peter listened to our issues and challenges. He assured us that he will make this quick and will answer all inquiries himself 24/7. Peter communicated any time that he is not available, so we don’t feel like he is unreacheable. He provided us with his personal cellphone number and direct number to easily get hold of him on any questions or concern we have. He communicated any developments and hick-ups right away by either a phone call or e-mail making sure that we got it and act on it.
With less half the time from our original inquiry of this refinancing to Peter’s call, he did it with minimum requirements from us, with the percentage rate and montly payment that we asked for were met. We now have this refinancing closed, documents signed and funded. My wife and I can only say, we were so happy that with this Peter live to his promised and gave your company that second chance for us refinance with LendPlus. Peter showed “pride and dedication” on what he does. – Fernando E.

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  1. Patricia M OConnell says:

    I was very pleased with the service I got from David Truong. He supported me and encouraged me throughout the complete re-financing process. It can be very stressful. Also his Manager Paul was a huge help with a hiccup in the home appraisal. This required a rebuttal and adjusted appraisal amount. Between them they were able to get me my complete funding. I would use Lend Plus again. – Patti O’Connell

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