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8 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Family Safe from a Fire Emergency

It goes without saying that keeping your home and your family safe is of the utmost importance, but as life tends to have it’s way with us – sometimes we get too busy to think about the simple things that could help prevent a tragedy at the home. Use these 8 helpful tips to keep…
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Discover all Your Home Loan Options!

If you’re actively shopping for a mortgage, it’s important to explore all your options. Each loan program has different guidelines and is intended to meet the specific needs of home buyers. In short, not every loan is for everybody. Mortgage loans don’t have to be confusing! At Shore Mortgage, our loan officers are highly knowledgeable…
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What is a VA Loan?

Veteran Loans Help United State veterans Purchase Homes If you’re a veteran of the US military and have considered using your veteran eligibility for home purchase in the Southern California area or anywhere in California, we are here to help.  You can purchase a home with NO MONEY DOWN, so all you have to do is…
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Take Charge When Buying a Home

Prepare and Be Consistent when Purchasing a Home: It’s critical that you take charge when purchasing a home .  Taking charge means that you have total control over your actions in making your transactions close on time and with few concerns. Preparing ahead of time really makes a difference. There are those who are ready…
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Should You Buy or Rent?

Is it wise to buy a home or rent a home? Most people in America want to enjoy the benefits of homeownership.  There is always a sector of the population, who rent for years and never consider buying a home because they think they would never qualify.  The truth is that many of them could…
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Refinance Options

What are some reasons to refinance? Refinancing is a popular action since the rates are at an all time low, these days.  If you have the opportunity to refinance your interest rate to a lower rate or perhaps take out cash to make home improvement, the time is right to do it know. The follow…
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Should I Refinance to Pay Credit Card Debt?

I want to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt. Should I Refinance? If you are fortunate enough to have equity in your home’ it might be a prudent move to refinance and get rid of all the consumer debt you have on those high interest rate credit cards. After all, refinance rates are at an…
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