July Maintenance Tip

July Maintenance Tip

July maintenance tip

Your July Maintenance Tip

Need to cool your home? Consider installing a whole house. Whole house fans are an alternative type of home cooling unit. They come in two main construction models: belt-driven, and direct-driven. Direct-driven fans are cheaper, but tend to be noisier than belt-driven fans.

Q: How does it work?
A: Simply open up a few windows and switch the fan on! The fan draws in cool air from outside and moves it through your home to create a breeze. Hot air in the home gets pushed up into the attic where it is ventilated. An additional attic fan can be paired with the whole house fan to push hot air out of the attic more effectively.

Q: Why should I add a whole house fan?
A: A whole house fan can be paired with your air conditioner to reduce your monthly cooling cost. It won’t replace air conditioning on those sweltering summer days. It will, however, work very efficiently to get cool air from the outside into your house. The added aeration will freshen up your home by forcing out odors and indoor pollution.

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