Quick & Easy Kitchen Updates

Quick & Easy Kitchen Updates

quick and easy kitchen updates

They say kitchens and bathrooms sell homes! Follow these easy and quick tips to make an impact!

  1. Paint an unused cabinet surface with chalkboard paint. Use your cabinets for grocery lists, family to-do lists or just as a space for your kids to be creative while you cook.
  2. Paint cabinets an accent color. Go bold with a bright blue, or sunny yellow. Here’s a color tip: cool colors make a room feel bigger, warm colors make a room feel cozier.
  3. Add new hardware to your cabinets. A decorative pull can add sophistication or a little quirkiness to your kitchen.
  4. Keep a kitchen herb garden on a window sill. Many big-box and hardware stores sell kitchen herb planters – just add the plant, and you’re set.
  5. Install a pull-out shelf. These are especially popular for the space underneath your kitchen sink, but they can also be used to make it easier to reach distant pots and pans in your bigger cabinets.
  6. Add shelves for more storage space. Get some sturdy shelves and brackets. Stack your plates and glassware on them so they’re handy.
  7. Install a water purification system under your sink. Have hard water? Install a purification system right under your sink and get rid of all those plastic water bottles.
  8. Get a kitchen cart. A kitchen cart doubles as preparation surface and storage (great for renters!). It’s also highly mobile.
  9. Buy tiered racks to expand your storage space vertically. Add more spice(s) to your life! A removable rack doesn’t involve any installation and instantly adds two or three more tiers to your cabinet storage.
  10. Add a backsplash accent. Splurge on high-quality tiles for a small space – easy on the wallet, and the eyes.


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