Baby Proof Your Home

Baby Proof Your Home

baby proof your home

Children and babies are curious by nature. Here are some tips to keep your little-loved ones protected from household hazards.

  • Secure the accessible — Install latches to prevent children from getting into ovens, washing machines, dryers, cabinets or drawers with hazardous objects.
  • Lock up harmful products — Keep cleaning products, household tools and medicines out of reach.
  • Avoid shock risk — Cover all power outlets within reach of your child with covers or plugs they cannot remove.
  • Prevent choking hazards — Put anything small enough to fit through a toilet paper roll away and out of reach.
  • Eliminate standing water — Use toilet-lid locks and don’t leave water in bathtubs or buckets.
  • Use safety gates — Strategically place gates to keep children away from stairs, the kitchen and other areas. Make sure gates are up to date with safety standards. Avoid v-shaped gates that can entrap a child’s head.
  • Cover door knobs — Use door knob covers and locks to prevent children from going outside unattended and getting into other places with hazards.
  • Install screens — Cover your fireplace with locking screens and install window guards and safety netting for balconies, decks and landings.
  • Barricade access to pools — Install a pool gate and use protective barriers and covers for pools, spas, fountains and ponds.
  • Cap corners — Cover edges and corners of counters, furniture and hearths with foam or thick fabric.
  • Anchor down — Secure bookshelves, televisions and heavy furniture to walls with brackets and anchors.


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