Making Your Home Pet Friendly

Making Your Home Pet Friendly

Pet dogs and pet cats
A home isn’t just a home for humans. It’s a home for your pets as well. Consider these tips to make your home more comfortable for your furry little friends.

• Storage space: Store all your pet’s possessions, such as toys, food, and leashes, in one place for easy access. Having this space will also help you keep the rest of the home free from pet clutter.

• Dog doors: Install a dog door at the bottom of your back door to give your dog the freedom to roam around and go to the bathroom. If you are uncertain about how to install a dog door, contact a contractor.

• Flooring: To clean up after your pet, consider buying a vacuum with attachments to pick up fur and a carpet cleaner to deep clean pet messes.

• Feeding station: Add a feeding station to sequester kibble and pet water. The feeding station will also help keep your pet’s food clean and dry.

• Disguising the litter box: Hide your cat’s litter box by transforming a small side table or cabinet into a space for their litter box. Your cat and your guests will be thankful.

• Safety gates: A safety gate will keep your pets safe and away from anything dangerous. It will also give you peace of mind regarding your pet’s safety by setting boundaries for where they may or may not go when you are away.

• Match your pet’s fur: Any pet owner knows their pet’s fur will get everywhere. Consider the color of your pet’s fur when purchasing furnishings. High-contrast colors will accentuate fur before you have time to vacuum it away.

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