Facing an Increase in Your Mortgage Payments?

Facing an Increase in Your Mortgage Payments?

facing a major increase in your mortgage payment? it may be time to refinance

Many are facing increasing mortgage payments in the months and years ahead because of adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) that are beginning to adjust. For some people, their average payment can jump as much as 100% — from $600 per month to over $1,200 a month. Unfortunately, it can often be hard to deal with these sudden jumps in monthly mortgage payments. If you find yourself in this situation it may be time to take a serious look at refinancing your mortgage to ensure that you are able to keep the house you are in without having to worry about increasing payments.

No doubt, for some people, often those who plan to live in the house they are in for five years or less, adjustable rate mortgages have their benefits. Payments are often lower up front for the first few years and then adjust later in the life of the loan. Unfortunately, some people decide they want to stay in their house for longer periods of time, or they may be facing a tough market where they just cannot sell their home. For these people, ARM’s become a major financial drain. Refinancing is often the answer that most of these folks need in order to lock in a low-interest rate and have manageable monthly payments with no surprises.

Many people who refinance their mortgage often find out that they can lower their monthly payment while at the same time-saving thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan. If you have a $200,000 house and refinance to shave 1% off your interest rate you could potentially save upwards of $15,000 over the life of the loan. That is a considerable chunk of money that can be put to better use – such as setting up a college education fund for your children or performing a remodel of part of your home.
Of course, the best benefit of refinancing your mortgage is that you can turn your ARM into a traditional mortgage with a set interest rate for the life of the loan with fixed monthly payments. Of course, nothing stays the same for long, so you may very well find out that in a few years you are refinancing again to take advantage of another drop in interest payments.

There are costs involved in refinancing – typically you will pay for a home inspection, document preparation fees, and other similar costs that parallel those you paid when you first closed on your home. It is important that you weigh the cost of a refinance against the total savings you will get from refinancing. Many people find that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Considering that they will be locking in your mortgage payment and, in many cases, lowering your interest rate, they don’t mind paying a little up front!

Refinancing can help you get your financial life back under control when facing uncertainty with your home mortgage payments. It’s the perfect tool to use for homeowners of all backgrounds no matter how much they might owe on their home.

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