Should You Buy or Rent?

Should You Buy or Rent?

Is it wise to buy a home or rent a home?

Bedroom_Made_To_DreamMost people in America want to enjoy the benefits of homeownership.  There is always a sector of the population, who rent for years and never consider buying a home because they think they would never qualify.  The truth is that many of them could qualify for homeownership if they took a few steps to find out what is needed to get there.  We at LendPlus Financial offer a program which educates renters on what is needed to achieve home ownership.  Our program is “one on one” and we conduct a pre-qualification process to help you determine what you could qualify for in terms of a home or condominium.   We then give you the steps you need to get on the path to home ownership.


When you walk away from one of our consultations you will know how much money you need to purchase a home, the amount of home you qualify and guidance on repairing any poor credit you may have had in the past.  Knowledge is power and we give you the power to achieve your home buying goals.

You can reach one of our seasoned loan agents by filling out the form below or contacting os directly on the website using the phone number, displayed.

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