Is it Time to Put Your Fiscal House in Order?

Is it Time to Put Your Fiscal House in Order?

Sometimes, we have to make adjustments to personal financial conditions because of external economic factors. If you’re someone who would like to refinance or purchase a home but have some credit challenges or maybe currently own a home and want to refinance but your debt is too much, read on.


Thanks for all your great adviceIf you can make extra payments each year on your mortgage and that will help you to pay off your mortgage in 17.50 years instead of the typical 30 years.  If you can’t make 1 extra payment a year, try just making a payment this is a few dollars more each month .. that will still save you huge amounts of money.

Check your credit history. Get a free update.  Discover where you stand. Have some specialist help you correct any bad marks which may be on the credit report. If you want to get a free credit report you can go to these sites:


The three major credit reporting agencies to contact are:

Equifax Credit Information Services
PO Box 740256
Atlanta GA 30374-0256

National Consumer Assistance Center
PO Box 949
Allen TX 75013-0949

Trans Union National Disclosure Center
PO Box 390
Springfield PA 19064


LendPlus Financial can help you discover how to correct credit issues in order to refinance or purchase a home. We can even help you contact the credit reporting agencies to help improve your credit score.

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