Buying a Home That Was a Rental

Buying a Home That Was a Rental

Caution is always Wise When Buying a Rental.

Conventional Home BuyingSometimes rental properties sell for less than other homes in the neighborhood because they are often in disrepair. This can also be an advantage if you are an investor or one who is a handyman and can make repairs, paint or do other things to improve the property after purchase.

1.  If you decide to purchase a home or condo that is rented, then you want to find out (if you can) whether the renter is corporative.  When you visit the home, check to see if it has holes on the walls, broken windows or the cosmetic concerns.

2.  Be sure to canvas the outside of the home and also preview the garage. Check for termite problems too.

3.  Look in each room and see if there are exterior internet or tv cables running all over the place.  These are issues you may have to remedy after you purchase the home.

4.  Check out the insulation in the attic.  Is there Asbestos in the attic.  That could cost you a good sum to have it removed.

5.  Chat with the neighbors.  They can quickly tell you things about the neighborhood.

6.  Have a home inspector complete a report, if you do decide to  purchase the home, The results could help  you re-negotiate the  purchase price should there be major issues with the home.

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