Home Inspections Avert Future Headaches

Home Inspections Avert Future Headaches

Getting a Home Inspection is a Smart Move!

Employing a home inspector is often the best way to avert future problems with a home in the future, after the home close escrow.  The cost of a home inspection is well worth it and the value is tremendous.   The inspector will go thru the home you want to purchase and check all sort of things.  They go thru a list of items which include, electrical socket checks, foundation checks, visual inspections of windows, plumbing, heaters, air conditioners, wall mold or fungus and a whole lot more. Of course, if they “detail” a visual inspection and provide you with a report, you can use that report to negotiate any repairs prior to closing the loan and even re-negotiate your purchase price, if it warrants it.


The average cost of a home inspection ranges between $250 and $350 per inspection.  It usually takes a few hours for the inspector to go thru the home and do all the inspections.  Of course they complete the report at their office and deliver it to the buyer’s agency (Realtor).  Your realtor will send it to you via email or send you a hard copy, depending on the inspector completing the report.

Note:  Home inspectors choose not to have a home buyer present while conducting a home inspection.  They do not allow a home buyer present because they want to be impartial to all parties to the transaction. Plus it slows down the home inspection and the inspector wants to be detailed in everything they do without interruptions.

You can talk to your Realtor to help you obtain a home inspector and you have the right to pick your own, if you choose. If having a home inspector could save you money and resolve any house issues, prior to the close of escrow that would be smart, right?   Of course! It’s a smart move.

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