Things to Consider When Buying a Home

Things to Consider When Buying a Home

Home Buying Tips that Matter:


It is wise to consider the following things when you begin your decision to purchase a home.  Considering these things will bring power to you thru the home buying process.

House for Sale in Yorba Linda

This beautiful home for sale in Yorba Linda may be a great buy, but there are some things you should consider.

1.  Put the horse before the cart, as they say!   First, discover how much money you have available towards the purchase of a home Consider that you will have to come up with the closing cost, down payment and cash reserves to purchase your home.  You must also consider factors like; (a) your current consumer debt (b) your monthly income (c) other on-going monthly expenses.  Have a seasoned LendPlus Financial loan agent talk to you about getting prequalified so you know exactly where you stand.

2.  Choosing Your Community:   After you narrow down the cities or towns you want to reside, it is import to go deeper and pick a specific neighborhood or two.  You can check the local crime statistics to evaluate the neighborhood.  You can also check the Megan’s law website to search for child predators stats in the area.  Travel around the neighborhood, during different of the day to evaluate the community.

3.  Remember to preview the homes in the area regarding landscaping, community upkeep and the like. Look for clean landscaping, new paint, and overall general upkeep.

4.  Find out what the average utility bills costs are in the community. You can do these two ways.  You can go to each utility company and ask them what the average costs are for that utility. The easier approach is to as your Realtor to get some utility bills from the current owner or just ask them to email the average monthly costs. Most home sellers have no problem in offering this type of information because they know it encourages the sale.

A LendPlus Financial representative can provide to a home buyer information regarding saving on utility bills, being more energy efficient and also what information to know when purchasing a home.

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