10 Questions to Ask Your Lender

10 Questions to Ask Your Lender

Many people ask?  What are the most important questions to ask your lender.

When refinancing or purchasing a home, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is expected from your lender as well as yourself when going thru the mortgage loan process.   The pathway to a secure, safe and easy mortgage transaction is paramount to all.   We at LendPlus mortgage take great pride in making sure your loan transaction is completed within the timeline needed by you as well as us.  We consider you a partner from start to finish.  We want you to be happy with the mortgage lending process, underwriting events and pathways to closing your loan with little hiccups.  That way, everyone succeeds.  You get a great loan  and we help you with the dream come true, a new home or great refinance. We both win.

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In achieving that goal, there are 10 common questions you should ask a LendPlus loan representative.

1.   What type of mortgage programs you do you offer for a refinance or home purchase?

2.   What are the “TOTAL” costs for my mortgage refinance or home purchase loan?

3.   What mortgage is the best “FIT” for me?

4.   When will I get a HUD-1?

5.   What documents do I provide you to get my loan approved?

6.   What are the qualifying guidelines for the loan I choose and can you explain them to me?

7.   Who will be the title and escrow companies for my transaction?

8.   How long will it take to process my loan?

9.   What might delay the approval of my loan?

10. What are the chances that my loan might get sold to some other mortgage lender after it closes with you?


These are all great questions to ask any lender.  We at LendPlus Financial, take pride in informing you upfront in all matters to the loan process.

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