Why Tri-Emerald is Your Choice Mortgage Lending Services

Why Tri-Emerald is Your Choice Mortgage Lending Services

We believe your choice should be LendPlus When you need to purchase a home or refinancing. Here is why…

1. We are your top Notch advocate! 

We work hard to be your advocate when guide you thru the mortgage loan approval process.  We understand the lending guidelines and have full time mortgage lending underwriters on staff to get the answers you need.  They really have a handle on the different lending guidelines and know who to contact when any guidelines change.   You can feel safe when working  with our team and or skilled underwriters.  You will have the best opportunity possible when getting a loan approval thru us.

2.  We save you money! 

Since we are a direct lender we cut out the middle man and can get your loan costs reduced. Our seasoned loan agents can help you along with your Realtor to negotiate the best terms and conditions with the seller of the property you want to purchase.  This allows you to get some closing costs paid by the seller.  Of course, it’s all in the negotiations. We provide the skills and knowledge needed to help you along the way.  Your Realtor will really know what  is acceptable for buyer contributions towards closing costs because we will run the figures before you make an offer.

3. We Get it done in the timeline you and the seller require!

We are a very timely oriented organization and work in teams to make sure no stone is unturned.  Our computer systems allow us to track the progress of our teams, escrow, title and all other entities working on your behalf to close your transaction in a timely manner.  We typically close the real estate purchase and refinance transactions within 30 to 60 days depending on the needs of all parties to the transaction. Be assured, we will get it done as fast as needed.

4. We have lending choices you need!

In today’s market, there are fewer lenders these days to choose and therefore it is wise to pick a lender who has the resources and contacts to get your loan approved to the highest possibility based on your particular circumstances.  Our organization has the contacts and lender programs to increase your probability for loan approval.  No need to shop around since we are direct lenders and the lending guidelines are set in stone.  We have the skilled underwriters who can help you get over the humps, if needed.  Remember, we are your advocate and want your loan closed as much as you do… Let’s get together and get it done!

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