Staging the Garage for Your Open House Day

Staging the Garage for Your Open House Day

Get that Garage in Shape for Your Open House Viewing.

One of the tasks that home sellers forget (when getting ready for an open house) is cleaning out the garage and making it great looking before the preview of the home on open house day. Most garages need to be decluttered as they get full of unused items over the years.  It’s a great time to sell all that stuff that is just laying around.  If you don’t want to do that you can always donate the items and have a nice write-off!
After you declutter that garage, its a good time to clean it and make it look nice. Take a weekend and clean it up.  Home buyers look for that stuff. They vision where their car will sit or perhaps their workbench. Open up the space and let them dream how much fun they will have in the garage.  Make sure the washer and dryer are cleaned up.  No dust please!  Dust the walls and corners. Sweep the floors.  Scrub out the oil stains on the floor.  Remove any rust, lime or calcium deposits. 
When show day opens, show the visitors the the positive aspects of the garage.  Perhaps, it has a lot of open space for storage – highlight that!
LendPlus Financial would like to introduce you to a Realtor who can help you with staging your home if you have not already picked a realtor.  We work with the top Realtors in the marketplace!

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