Which Type of Lender is Right for You?

Which Type of Lender is Right for You?

The Local Mortgage Lender with Quality Choices!
Local Mortgage Lender
Up until a few years ago most home buyers obtained their home loans thru mortgage brokers, local banks, credit unions and large lending institutions. After the housing crash, things have changed. Home buyers want to go to trusted sources in mortgage lending. They prefer a direct source, what some call a “direct lender”. LendPlus Financial is a direct lender who has access to all the most popular and unique loan options in the market place while being a service provider who cares about their clients. If you’re looking for an alternative to the huge banks like Bank of America or Wells Fargo, LendPlus is your solutions.

They offer a team approach in making sure your loan is approved within a reasonable amount of time and at an interest rate you will love. They can help you with refinancing or purchasing a home.

LendPlus Financial works with Real Estate agents to help their clients purchase homes and close loans, daily. Give them a call to get started.

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