4 Reasons for Sellers to Have an Open House

4 Reasons for Sellers to Have an Open House

Sellers of homes often decline putting on an open house because they do not want “lookie Lous” or other running thru there homes. While that can be justified, studies have shown that having an open house can gain quicker results in selling a home. Here are the most common reasons why its important to have an open house:
Open House
1. It brings real buyers to you rather than you having to try to find them. Its always better to allow someone the experience of looking at the home in real terms, not just from pictures.  Staging your home can make the experience in more pleasurable.  
2.  It raises your home’s visibility so you can get your home sold faster.  Having signs in the neighborhood can direct home searchers on the weekends and attract others in the neighborhood who have family or friends who would be interested in buying a home near their friends or family. 
3.  Use house showing on weekends to better manage your time. Anyone you talk to during the weekdays can be directed to the weekends to see the property. That way, you can give them your full attention and walk them thru the home without disturbing your week day routine. 
4.  It give you information on what people want in a home in the area and if your home is overpriced.  Feedback is the key, Asking them straight forward questions regarding your home and if it is worth the asking price helps you to define making changes in price or not. 
If your thinking about selling your home in the Southern California area, contact one of our loan officers and we can give you an assessment on what you can contribute towards closings costs based on the selling price of your home.   That way, you will have the correct information upfront and that will allow you to negotiate with a buyer, better. 

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