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Pay Your Mortgage with Cryptocurrency

Lend Plus is the first mortgage company to accept cryptocurrency for mortgage payments.


Solutions to Improve Your Situation

Everyone deserves a chance to achieve the American Dream but you might be in a situation that prevents you from qualifying for a mortgage based on general government agency financing guidelines. Lend Plus has alternate financing programs to meet your unique needs. 

I’m Self-Employed

I’m self employed and my income taxes doesn’t qualify me for a mortgage 

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I’ve had a Bankruptcy

I have had a recent Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sale or Deed in Lieu

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I Have A Low FICO Score

My credit scores are less than 620 to qualify for  conventional loan or less than 580 for FHA

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I Need To Use My Assets To Qualify

I have a lot of assets but don’t have a lot of cash flow so I need to use my assets as income

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I’m an Investor

I bought a rental property less than 2 years ago but can’t use the rental income to qualify

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I’m a Foreign National

I don’t have a Social Security Number or ITIN and my reserves are in a foreign account

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8 Steps to Buying a House

Buying a home can be overwhelming but following these steps will help you get through the biggest purchase of your life and make the process go smoothly. 

Step 1. Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved for a home loan ensures you know how much you can afford so you don’t overspend and close quickly!

Step 2. Work with a Realtor

Your buyer’s agent has fiduciary responsibilities to you, the buyer, and not to the seller. Make sure your agent has your best interest in mind. 

Step 3. Take a Home Tour

Your Realtor can schedule time for you to preview homes that match your search criteria in the communities you want to live in. 

Step 4. Make an Offer

Your Realtor will help you make an offer on your dream home to ensure your offer stands out in a competitive market. 

Step 5. Open Escrow

Once your offer is accepted, it’s now time to make your earnest money deposit and open up escrow. Follow escrow instructions. 

Step 6. Home Inspection & Appraisal

This makes sure no repairs are needed and if there are, your Realtor can negotiate on your behalf. An appraisal is ordered through your lender. 

Step 7. Meet Conditions for Financing

Your lender will provide a list of financing conditions prior to closing your loan. Make sure to provide these quickly to avoid any delays in closing. 

Step 8. Sign and Move

You’ve met all the finance conditions now it’s time to do your final walk through, get new home keys and move to your new home. Congratulations!!!

Loan Options

When it comes to borrowers and their finance situations there are no One-Size-Fits-All loan solutions! Why settle for a loan that doesn’t fit your needs? Learn about all the finance solutions that LendPlus has to offer.

30 Year Fixed Rate

Rate Security

The 30-year fixed rate mortgage give you a payment that does not change!

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15 Year Fixed Mortgage

Low Rate

Get a low rate mortgage and pay much less interest over the life of your loan!

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Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Lowest Rates Available!

Financially savvy folks choose this to maximize their monthly budget and get the lowest rates available. 

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VA Loan

Benefit for Active Military & Veterans

It’s our honor to offer this benefit to help active military & veterans refinance or purchase a home with $0 down!

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FHA Loans

Easy Qualifier and Low Rates

FHA loans make qualifying for a mortgage easier and lower down payment options as low as 3.5%!

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FHA Streamlines

Easy Qualifier and Low Rates

Currently in an FHA mortgage? This is the easiest possible refinance and you might not need an appraisal!

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Benefit for Active Military & Veterans

Currently in a VA loan? This loan will allow you to refinance into a lower rate without an appraisal!

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Flexible Loan Guidelines

Flexibile loan terms for folks who don’t fit the criteria of agency guidelines. 

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HARP 2.0

Easy Approval and Low Rates

Option to refinance without an appraisal even if you owe more than your home’s value. 

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Reverse Mortgage

Rate Security

Great financial tool for homeowners 62 years or older. No required principal & interest payments. 

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Non – QM

Flexible Loans

Excellent option for those who don’t fit the general criteria of finance agency guidelines. 

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Affordable rates

Great option for those in underserved rural areas. 

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Lend Plus Feeds the Homeless

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Client Testimonials

We strive for positive experiences with every customer and our clients’ testimonials are the results of our hard work and dedication to client satisfaction. 

“I am so thankful I found Paul Neuland, at Lend Plus Financial. I was already in escrow on my new home when I decided that I was super unhappy with another company. My colleague recommended I contact Paul and I could not be more thankful. Paul was so responsive and kept me informed of the entire process each step of the way. The loan rates were very competitive with other places. I would highly recommend Paul Neuland to all my friends and family!”

verified client

“I had the best experience with Lend Plus. Everyone was so professional and courteous. Joe was the one who helped me out with my home refi and he could not have been more helpful and honest. I met Joe through my brother after hearing the awesome job he did for him and it was the best decision I ever made. I would definitely recommend him and Lend Plus to friends and family in the future.”

Julio R.
verified client

“I just recently completed my refinance with Lend Plus. Elaine was very professional and great through out the process. She made herself available whenever I had questions or needed help. The rates she locked in for me was amazing and I am trully happy with the service i received. I recommend for anyone to ask specifically and you will not regret it. Thanks Elaine and everyone in Lend Plus.”

Roland V.
verified client

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