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Overview of the Company

LendPlus Financial is a Full Service Direct Lender, with banker expertise and a commitment to delivering world-class mortgage services, creating lasting partnerships with our realtor partners and helping Clients meet their financial mortgage goals. Our job is to earn your business through trust and knowledge…While providing great products at great rates!

We are a leading non-bank residential mortgage company known for its exemplary customer service: specifically the consistency and speed of approvals which in most cases allows a customer to initiate a loan inquiry and fund a mortgage loan within 21 days of beginning the process.
The Company uses a state-of-the-art, industry leading software system that benefits its customer base by delivering a transparent loan process across its four retail production channels.

The LendPlus commitment . . .

“I promise to make each and every LendPlus experience outstanding!”

– The Founders

LendPlus is corporate based in Aliso Viejo, California with its Executives each having over 30+years in mortgage banking. LendPlus is a non-bank mortgage banking company licensed in seven states AL, CA, CT, MD, NM, PA and TX and is expanding into 23 additional states. LP offers the traditional range of residential products, and originates funds and will retain or sell its residential mortgages in the secondary market. The Company’s mortgages are first lien mortgage loans secured by single family (one-to four) family residences offering GSE Agency conventional loans, Jumbo, and FHA, VA and USDA loans. In additional the company offers Home Equity Conversion Mortgage loans (Reverse Mortgages).

The company was founded on the basis of establishing a strong risk management culture and has implemented a best in class disclosure, compliance, and strict internal control protocol to ensure compliance is always maintained.


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